How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy While Pregnant

For many, seeing their Kennewick dentist might be a normal sort of protocol period, but when you’re pregnant, or if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, there are many things that you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about having a child.  Pregnancy changes your body, and often, many don’t realize the extent that this takes.  You should definitely keep what’s said here in mind, for this article will go over everything you should do when you’re pregnant orally

The first thing is to keep your cleanings and fillings possible, but you shouldn’t have any non-emergency or cosmetic procedures during this.  It’s also important to get any fillings done before you’re pregnant, especially if sedation and medication is involved.  X-rays are also best avoided, though with digital sorts of x-rays you can still have these carefully done if needed. You should talk to your dentist as soon as possible to get the advice that you need while pregnant.  You should also remember any vitamins and medications you’re taking for your pregnancy as needed and inform the dentist as necessary.

Now, for everyday care, you need to brush your teeth every day for a few minutes, especially after a meal.  You should limit the plaque and bacteria in order to keep your gums and teeth healthy.  You should floss every day, even if you need to use an aid.  There are changes in your dental chemistry that do happen when you’re pregnant.

Now, there is also the acid reflux, morning sickness, and tooth erosion to worry about. one thing that sucks about pregnancy is the acid reflux and morning sickness that comes with it.  you will feel an upset stomach and some vomiting, and you should take care of your teeth as well. The erosion of your teeth caused by your stomach acid can ruin the enamel.  You should brush your teeth after meals, but after vomiting, you should use warm water with baking soda, or a rinse without alcohol. This will clean your mouth up before your brush, because brushing after that will further erode the enamel.  You should also keep the bacteria at bay as well, since it won’t be passed to the child in that way.

There is also the increased gum sensitivity in your teeth that happens when pregnancy occurs.  It’s a natural change because of the hormone progesterone, which causes softness and more blood flow to the gums, which makes bleeding more likely. Now, this is normal, especially if you have plaque buildup. It’s imperative to make regular dental visits, and that is another reason why.  If you don’t take care of this right, it can lead to gingivitis and other gum disease.  You might get periodontist as well, which can progress to your jaw and causes premature labor, so be careful with that.

Now, the problem with pregnancy, and probably your biggest hurdle is your diet, because the cravings are probably more insane than anything you’ve felt before.  It might be tempting to indulge, but you should limit the sugary snacks.  They don’t have nutrition that you and the baby require, but they will also damage your teeth a whole lot more.  You should stick to snacks rich in calcium, grains, and lean meats.  If you feel a craving, analyze it and think about the textures you want, and get something else instead.  If you have bad habits that you’ve been indulging in before the baby, stop them immediately.  If you drink wine, coffee, smoke, or even chew your nails and teeth, it can damage it.  Not to mention, this can be passed to the baby as well, which isn’t fun.

Having a kid can be quite a bit of work, and you should certainly take care of your oral health as well. If you feel you’ve become pregnant, you should go see your Kennewick dentist to get help with this. Often, you might not realize all that you’re doing wrong, all that might be a problem, and from there, you’ll be able to curb any habits in your body and start your oral health on the right track in order to cater to this new stage.